We would love to share with you our passion of all things old, vintage and retro by inviting you to book a consultation at Dollys barns.

To discuss your soiree and browse pieces from our extensive collection please  Contact us 

Our vast collection of beloved props and wedding Decor for hire is continuously growing in line with the influence of current trends and the popularity of bespoke event styling.  We are proud to have lovingly sourced a truly extensive array of vintage decor styling, so you don't have to

At our showroom you will find both beautiful authentic and eclectic pieces together with those of more enchanting shabby chic style too. to make an order? 

this can be done via e-mail, phone, or ideally when you visit the showroom.   

With regards to transportation of the items you require, there are a few options...

1.Choose and order your items individually, (we will help you decide the best suited to your needs at Dollys showroom) then transport, and style yourselves.

2.Choose and order your items then let us deliver and style for you. To keep to your budget, Dollys is happy for you to return the hire yourselves after the big day.

3.Choose what you require and let us do all the work for you, by transporting, styling, and clearing away the next day. Additional charges may incur.


Vintage hire prices

for weddings and all events


Table centres and decor hire


Vases 50p - 2 

Cream birdcage and tea light cages 4.00

Vintage style silver, off white ornate lanterns 4.50

Vintage silver candelabra 4.50

Enamel farmhouse cream jugs 3.50

Quirky flowerpots (for plants or flowers) 2+

Tin containers for flowers or displays 2

Beautiful silk flowers 3.50 per bunch 

Circular tree trunks cut 2" thick 3.50

Glass circular or square centre pieces 2.25 

Vintage photo frames 2.50 

Trio of vintage books wrapped in lace 2.50

Strings of pearls 1

Table crystal confetti per table 2

Table button confetti per table 2

Silk flowers from 3.50

Lace and ribbon covered tea light holders s,m,l x3 for 2.50

Hand crafted luggage name tags 1.25

table numbers 1

Doilies from 0.50

Decor hire


Shabby chic cupcake stand for 80 plus 45.00

USA authentic post box 12.50

Patchwork large picnic blankets 10 

Cast iron troughs (drink coolers) 7 - 10 

Milk churns 20

Rustic beer barrels x2 available 27 

Deck chairs 9 

Parasol/umbrella 5 

Vintage screen for photos & displays 15 - 25 

Suitcases 5 - 10(or free when transporting your hire)

Picnic, blanket, flip fop, confetti baskets 3 - 8  

White gazebo marquee size 3m x 9m (Exl labour) 65.00   

Beautiful cream vintage arch 85   

Vintage photo booth 150+

Vintage pop corn bar 85.00

Vintage sweet shop table containers & props 65.00

Children’s vintage toy corner 35

Vintage self serve drinks station 125


Rustic wedding hire


Crates sml, med, lrg from £7+

Trunks for cake tables and wedding cake £15 - 20

Circular tree trunks cut 2” thick small £3

Circular tree trunks cut 2" thick Med £3.50

Old hall, oak folding chairs x20 available £3

Trestle tables - wood x10 available £17

vintage wooden chairs £8

luggage trunks £12

Children's wooden school chairs £3.50

Galvanised tin baths/drink coolers, sml, med, lrg from £7 - £10

Vintage Wooden Apple Crates £7

Vintage chitting crates £7

Cow hide rug £40

Wooden whiskey barrel £27

Wooden vintage style cart £135

Buffet table set up with wooden, rustic theme from £65+

Tables from £10

Milk churn £20 

Persian rugs from £10 

Persian rug isle runner £25 

Hessian and lace Hire

Lace and hessian chair sashes £2

Lace and hessian table runners 34

Hessian 'Just Married' bunting £4

Lace and hessian draping, price upon request

Lace & hessian embellished bunting £1.20 per metre

Lace table cloths round/rectangle £8 - £12

Lace & hessian hay bale covers £4.35

Macrame large hanging £25

Macrame chair backs for Bride and groom £6 


Wedding styling hire

Vintage props & accessories


Floral double sided bunting £1.00 per metre 

Lace and hessian bunting £1.20 per metre

Mr & Mrs bunting £3.00

'Mr Right-Mrs Always Right' chair backs £6

10 white wicker hearts pew ends £0.50

White display ladder £15

Mr & Mrs decoupage letters £8

Mr & Mrs white block letters £3.50

Lace circular and rectangle lace table cloths £10

Embroidered table cloths sml, med, lrg from £4.50

Bridal parasol £5

Cards case £12

To hire decor for the cards case sign, lace table cloth pearls £10.00

Trio of old books with lace bow £2.50

Pearls £1

Lace embellished pew ends £2.25 

Embellished basket for confetti £6 - £8

Lace to buy per metre from £1

Selection of metal tins £2.50+

Selection of sheet music & old vinyl 78 records £0.50

1950′s record Player £25

Screens for photo displays or to hide unsightly corners £20 - £25

Flower/confetti/bread baskets, from £4

Candelabra’s (without candles) £4.50 

Large lanterns £4.50

Hamper/picnic baskets £5


Vintage prop hire - smaller items

(the little details)


Prop old cameras 3.50

Prop cash register 10.00

Vintage typewriter small olympia 10.00

Black imperial large typewriter 25.00

Table top globe 6.00

Prop ice skates 4.00

Prop vintage skis 15.00

Prop singer sewing machine 10.00

Vintage ladies gloves 4.00

Gilt frames from 4+

Dress mirror 10.00

Antique picture frames 5+

Vintage gramophone 30.00

Lace jar tea light holders trio 2.25

Cinema style information board 12.00

Black board selection from 3.00

Authentic USA post box for cards 12.00

Lockable retro post box for cards 8.00

Vintage patchwork quilts 10.00

Checked wool picnic blankets 8.00

Knitted retro blankets 3.00-5.00

Vinyl records 1.00

Music sheets 0.50p

Tea party hanging coloured pompoms 1.00 each 

Paper lanterns 1.00

Selection of vintage metal Tins 2.50+

1950's record player 10.00

Vintage board game collection each 3.50


Vintage props hire - larger items


Vintage style wooden cupcake stand for 80+ 45.00

Wedding cake table set up 30.00

Vintage bike x3 available 35.00

Large checked woollen picnic blankets 8.00

Large wicker basket with a selection of blankets and a sign 35.00

Vintage tin Bath with handles 8+

Wooden, or painted A Frame Ladder 15.00

Wooden A Frame Blackboard 10.00

Vintage tailors Dummy blue 15.00

Tailors dummy with floral decoupage £15.00

Vintage Suitcases Small 7.00

Vintage Suitcases Large 10.00

Vintage Wooden Apple Crates 7.00

Vintage chitting crates 7.00

Vintage picnic baskets sml, med, lrg 4.50

Vintage Gramophone 30 as a prop working with 78's 60

Vintage Deckchairs 9.00

Retro TV 10.00

Cow hide rug 35.00

Vintage Typewriter Olympia 10.00

Black imperial typewriter 25.00

Wooden ships wheel 10.00

small fake trees 8.00

Large disco ball (no light) 10.00

Beautiful cream vintage arch 85.00

Door frame arch from 35.00

Vintage photo booth 150+

Vintage sweet shop table containers & props 55.00

Children’s vintage toy corner 55.00

Vintage self-serve drinks station from 55.00

Large fabric Trunk 15.00

vintage bar stools x 4 available each 15.00

Cinema style information board 18.00

Patchwork quilts 10.00

Wrought iron table and two chairs 25.00

Wrought iron table and four chairs 35.00

wrought iron arch 85.00

Ladders 15.00


Chair Hire


Wooden kitchen chairs 15

Lloyd loom vanity Chairs 18 

Lounge sofa 50

High back drawing room chairs 25

Wooden small school Chairs 3.50

Old oak folding marque chairs 3

Old tractor seat and oak topped bar stalls x4 each 15  

Deck Chairs 9

Wrought iron chairs with table 25

We can also source all types of banquet tables and chairs 

Hay bale lace and hessian covers 4.35


Table Hire

 Trestle tables wooden x10 available 15

Dolly Trolley 8

Wooden Hostess Trolley 15

Ottomans 15.00

Wooden Kitchen tables 20

Singer cake table 10

Pine shabby chic round wedding cake table 15

Small drinks tables 7.50

Large vintage travel trunks 15

Floral Bureau writing desk 25

Gentleman’s bureau writing desk 25

White ornate dressing table for cake displays 45

Wooden long dressing table 40

We can source round and trestle tables and any style of chair too


Other Furniture


Antique white dresser for cake displays 45

Chest of drawers 35

Garden wrought iron tables and chairs 35

Brass plant/cake Stand 8

Large lamp 20

Small lamp 10 

Hat stand 20

Vintage bar stools 15

Vintage coffee table from 5.00

Vintage suitcases 5.00-10.00

Grey lounge sofa 50

Chesterfield brown arm chair 40

High back drawing room chairs 25

Wooden small school Chairs 3.50

Screens for photo displays or to hide unsightly corners 20-25

Wooden side board for cake table or cheese table 45

Vintage bike x3 available 40


Out door furniture hire and accessories


Deckchairs 9

Patchwork quilts 10

Wrought iron table and two chairs 30

Wrought iron table and four chairs 45

Ladders 15

Garden table and two chairs white wrought iron 25

Wooden bench 20

Large white cast iron arch 85

Large checked woollen picnic blankets 8

Large checked blankets 10

Large wicker basket with a selection of blankets and a sign 35

Wooden or painted A frame ladder 15

Wooden A frame blackboard 10

Vintage tin bath with handles 8+

Vintage tin water cans 6.00

Vintage tin buckets 5


Vintage Table Plans for you to put your stamp on!


Shabby chic white bird cage style free standing table plan 25.00

Painter’s easels 7.00

Vintage frames photo menu, table names or numbers 2.50

Wooden easel large 10

White display ladder (also in natural wood) 15

Mangle to hang signs or table plan 8

17th century door with vintage frames x2 available 60

Large lined case to hang cards from 12

Crate to hang cards from 7

Cinema style information board (order of the day) 18

Large ornate wooden table plan frame music note themed 25 with easel 35

Large ornate table plan frame travel themed 25 with easel 35

Large ornate table plan frame hessian and lace 25 with easel 35

Ladder with vintage style frames table plan 25

Vintage sash window frame table plan 25


Vintage candelabra hire


Vintage candelabras (no candles) 4.50

X2 large white candelabra each 7.00

Vintage glass candlesticks 0.50

5 decorative hearts 0.50

String of draping pearls 1


Signs & Stakes hire


Wood/white washed script signs 3.50

Lawn games, photo booth, toilets, bar, wedding arrow each way, candy table, blankets, parasols 

Shepherds crook stake 3.50

Wedding signs on a stand 4

Wooden stake with 4 arrows to write your own signs 15

Double sided floral bunting 0.75 pm

Lace and hessian embellished bunting 0.80 pm

Antique table planner 25.00

Welcome/order of the day black board sign 25.00

Vintage style table name frames 2.50

A3 chalk board style signs framed on an easel 12

A4 chalk board style signs frames on an easel 8

Chalk boards from 3

Signs can be made to order


Vintage Games hire


Vintage Jacques croquet set 35.00

Vintage childs croquet 5.00

Quoits 12

Wooden skittles 15

Hoopla 15

Vintage American ten pin skittles 20

Naughts and crosses 8

Sacks for races x5 20

Tug of war rope  15

Vintage French cricket 15

Space hoppers x4 25

Giant jenga 20

Pretty Floral tin can alley 20.00

Pretty floral bean bag in a bucket 20.00

Diablo 4

Juggling sticks 4

Hook a duck 25

Coconut shy from 150

Vintage Board games 3

Vintage toy selection for under fives 55

Wooden signs for each game 3.75

Bunting 1.00 per metre


Vintage China Hire


Cups & saucers 1.20

Tea plates 0.40

Cup, saucer and cake plate trio 1.40

Milk jugs 0.75

Silver handled glass sugar bowls with cube tongs 1.50

medium sandwich/cake side plates 0.60

Dinner plates 1

Decorative serving platter s,m,l,xl, £2, £2.50, £3.50 £4.50

Tea pots china 3.75

One tier cake stands glass 3

Three tier cake stands china 3.75

Preserve/cream bowl & spoon 1

Large crisp/vegetable Serving bowl 2.25 2ith lid 3

Small serving bowl 1

Ice cube china pots - 2.50

Soup/dessert bowl 1

Serving plates/ baskets 2.00

Serving trays 2.00


Glassware Hire


Stemmed sundae/Bon Bon Dishes Large 2

Bon Bon Dishes Small 0.50p

Champagne/Lemonade glasses 50p

Medium Jugs for pimms, lemonade 2.50

Various Storage Jars with lids from 0.75

Large Glass Display/serving Bowls 2.25

Vases for flowers from 0.75

Old vintage display bottles, dug up from the ground by my own fair hands! 0.50

Single glass cake stands 3

Extra-large single tier cake stand 5

Large water Bottles 2.25

Glass Drinks dispenser urn with tap large 10

Old fashioned Milk Bottles with paper straws and drink me labels 1

Glass candle sticks 0.50

Glass decanters 2.20


Silverware Hire


Three tiered folding cake stand 2.50

Boned Knives, cake forks and tea spoons set 1 

Vintage silver Candelabras 4.50

Tea and Coffee pots 3.50

Cake slice 1

Wedding cake knife 1.50

Sugar tongs 1.50

Serving tongs 2

Serving spoons 0.40p

Vintage pair of fish servers 2.00

Vintage pair of salad servers 1.00

Vintage salt & pepper set 1.50


Cake stand hire


Cup-cake stand for 80+ 35.00

Vintage 3 tier cake stand 3.50

Glass cake stand 2.50

Vintage pedestal glass cake stand 3.50

To hire wedding cake table 30.00


Table Linen hire


Burlap hessian with lace trim table runners 4.00

Vintage embroidered table cloths 3.50

Lace table cloths from 3.50 large round 8

Floral cake napkins 0.25

Crochet doilies from 0.50

White round table cloths 8


Vintage touches to add to the atmosphere


40's - 50's CDs Bygone years hits   2.50  

Bunting (per metre) floral (75p) 

Lace & hessian bunting (90p per metre)   

Embroidered table cloths sml/med/lrg 4.50+  

Crochet doilies 50p+  

Floral paper napkins 3.50 x50

Floral linen napkins 0.20


Prop Packages

We feel every wedding is unique and has different needs, so we don't have any complete styling packages

 - however, as an alternative to hiring items individually here are a selection of smaller PROP styling packages.


Wishing tree, guest book - comes with poem in a frame, glass stemmed bowl for tags, lace table cloth and jar for pens 25.00


Welcome drinks station – comes with x5 crates, hostess trolley, 60 glass bottles with paper straws and labels, x2 drinks dispensers and bowls for fruit and two tin baths for bottles 125.00


Vintage typewriter with signage, lace table cloth, vintage vase for pens, vintage photo frame, trio of books tied with lace, guest book table 30.00

Vintage Photo booth from 150.00


Vintage Candy bar/sweet shop/popcorn bar 65.00


Self serve tea and coffee station - Bespoke to your requirements approximately 50.00


Thank you/welcome table, cards case or post box, lace or embellished table cloth, Thank you poem framed on an easel, pearls, vase for flowers, trio of tea light jars 25.00


Step ladder set up and Love, or Mr & Mrs letters, with props, frames and silk flowers 30.00


Cake surround - Gilt frame, lace and hessian draping, beads, large wooden box, tree trunk base 35.00


Cake display - Vintage ladies dressing table with beads, silk flowers, x50 cake knives, cake knife, 50 napkins, 50 vintage cake plates 100.00


Cards table, postbox or case, lace table cloth, vintage photo frame, vase or enamel jug for flowers, case, thank you to our friends and family sign on an easel, vintage radio 35.00


Selection of black boards - 35.00


Table setting of mismatched vintage china package - 5.00 per head